2 jennifers = 1 shirley valentine

By Trevor Smith Diggins. I’m directing a play with two actors in the title role. And they’re both named Jennifer. Snap! How’s that gonna work? There were a few raised eyebrows when I pitched the idea. Some people asked me if I’d thought this through. The answer is yes. And uh, no. I directed Shirley Valentine back in … More 2 jennifers = 1 shirley valentine


Audition tips: waking from an actor’s nightmare

Most actors know the scene. You’re on stage. It’s a full house. You can’t remember any of the lines. And sometimes you’re naked. Wake up. It’s just a bad dream. Or it’s a good time to learn improv. Then there’s the other nightmare. For some actors, that’s the audition. Why are auditions so scary? After all, it’s usually a … More Audition tips: waking from an actor’s nightmare

World Theatre Day: Canada vs Russia

The 54th annual World Theatre Day is this Sunday. It happens every year on March 27, when the global follow-spot is focused on all things theatrical. So, what are you doing to celebrate? Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance offers some great ideas on how to promote World Theatre Day 2016 in your community. World Theatre Day was established in … More World Theatre Day: Canada vs Russia

10 Tips: social media savvy in local showbiz

Stories and reviews in the local press are becoming a thing of the past. Community newspapers are folding. And many radio listeners have opted for podcasts. So, how can we promote our theatre in this fractured media landscape? For many event-based community groups, peer-driven social media is the new promo frontier. Handled with care, it can be the most … More 10 Tips: social media savvy in local showbiz

For the love of it!

That’s why we do community theatre. It’s not for profit. Just pleasure. And do you know what we don’t have? Starving artists. Just mainly people with day jobs. This is our hobby. It’s also our club house. It’s where our creative connections flourish with old and new friends. Yes, our budgets may be tight, but community theatre … More For the love of it!