For the love of it!

That’s why we do community theatre. It’s not for profit. Just pleasure.

And do you know what we don’t have? Starving artists. Just mainly people with day jobs.

This is our hobby. It’s also our club house. It’s where our creative connections flourish with old and new friends.

Yes, our budgets may be tight, but community theatre folks are rich with intrinsic rewards. We share the joy of bringing people together and giving them a good time.

Isn’t that how theatre began in the first place?

Anyway, you couldn’t pay us to read scripts, direct shows, build sets, sew costumes, hang lights, paint walls, glue props, sell tickets or act our hearts out. And we don’t want overtime for working nights and weekends either.

We are community theatre artists. That’s what we do.

We scoff at labels. Professional is an attitude. Amateur is a state of mind.
We scoff at labels. Professional is an attitude. Amateur is a state of mind.

In changing economic times, community theatres are giving the big-ticket professional companies a run for their money. But, in many ways, we’re just like them. Except we don’t get paid.

How are these community theatres different from most theatres in 2015 that call themselves professional? Where is the line between the professional and the amateur these days? Does it exist? – Jonathan Mandell in

So keep your money.

Wait. Please keep buying our tickets. Local theatre is still the best entertainment value in town. But don’t offer to pay our players.

We do this for the love of it. It’s a creative collaboration, and we’re acting out our community spirit.

Plus we like the applause.

Now, who wants to chip in for pizza at tech rehearsal?




Designer spins one set into five shows

Can I call you back? I’m watching a play


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